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Terrible Living Conditions

I am no animal rights activist but I can assure you this place is horrible. I rescued my dog from this place back in 2014, he was very sick and the conditions were disgusting. At the time my dog had a bacterial infection on his skin and in his intestines. His fur would not grow properly because of the infection and had several bald patches. He also had kennel cough and was severely underweight. He was only 4 months old at the time and was born at this shelter. I asked the owner why he was so skinny and she said she puts food out and its up to the dogs at this point. When we took him home he would take a mouth full off food and run off as to defend himself and ensure he got some food without it being taken. The place is crawling with dogs and cats running over each other, the place smelled of animal urine and feces which were all over the yard. The owners house is where we had to sign our paperwork and this place was even worse than the outside. Animals were crawling everywhere, there were urine stains all over the place and feces all over the floor. I do not think these owners are purposely harming these animals, I believe they are truly ignorant and letting their love for animals blind them to the true negligence of these animals. It is wrong for these people to continue as they cannot properly care for these animals. The SPCA is not the perfect place for these animals, but they will at least get vet care. Maybe they will end up getting euthanized but at least they will not have to suffer in disease. Hopefully most go to a good home like my dog Buck

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