101 East 6th Street, Browerville, MN 56438, USA
101 e 6th st Browerville Minnesota 56438 United States

Rainbow Cove Rescue is a great rescue who has been incorporated with the state of Minnesota as a non profit animal rescue since May 21, 2014. We are a group of volunteers and strong minded and willed people who love animals and look out for their well being. We rescue and take in animals as needed and room available animals big and small, sick/injured or just abused, abandoned, stray, lost, found, neglected or just unwanted and we socialize them, rehabilitate them as best we can, get them Veterinarian care making sure they are free from sickness and make sure they get vaccinations and spay or neuter when we have funds available. If animals we take in need vet care for injury,illness we make sure they get it. All our animals are kept in special fosters who have experience with the animals needs and help them so they can have a smoother and quicker adjustment with their new home and new family. We also do follow ups with fosters and adopters to make sure there are not problems and to make sure their are no questions or problems and if problems arise we make sure we try to help resolve them. We all grew up around animals and have taking in strays as kids and as we grew up and homed them into loving homes as well as some of us have experiences in different areas of our services and in which we feel will make us a better organized rescue working as one. And we believe in working with other rescues and shelters as well to make a better place for animals and the community.

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