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Call : (888) 440-6467

Rock's Positive K-9 Training & Rescue

Industrial Drive, Big Bend, WI 53103, USA
W224 S8416 Industrial Avenue Big Bend WI 53103 United States

My name is Frank Allison and I have been a dog trainer for 30 years. I train practical obedience and specialize in humanely working on behavioral and anti-social canine problems. I work with private individuals as well as rescue groups that need dogs evaluated or taught appropriate dog to dog behavior. In the course of my training I get several surrendered dogs that come from client’s friends, neighbors or relatives who give up their dogs due to divorce, relocation, loss of job, etc. I’ve even had a few just left in my parking lot. I am in the business to save dogs by fixing problems between the handlers and their pets. This is not ajob for me…it is my life. I live with a pack of at least 12 dogs at a time who help me teach other dogs how to be dogs and play appropriately.

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