816 Wood Chapel Lane, Durham, NC 27703, USA
816 Wood Chapel Lane Durham North Carolina 27703 United States

Rottweiler Hearts Rescue (RHR) is a regional rescue/placement organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and careful re-homing of neglected, lost, surrendered, or otherwise homeless Rottweiler dogs in the central North Carolina region. Concurrently, RHR is dedicated to preventing this by education of responsible dog ownership regarding the proper care and training of Rottweilers. RHR is an all-volunteer rescue organization with seasoned rescuers who have been rescuing and placing Rottweiler dogs for many years. None of RHR’s officers, directors, or volunteers receives any salary or compensation in any manner whatsoever. Additionally, all administrative costs are kept to a minimum as every penny spent on administration is considered money taken away from the dogs. Contributions are spent on the rescuing of Rottweilers and include, but not limited to: shelter fees paid to obtain the dog, veterinary expenses for spaying/neutering, maintaining up-to-date vaccinations, various testings as needed for heartworm and tic-borne diseases, etc. Many of the Rottweilers found in harm’s way, come to us in neglected condition with wounds, injuries, infected ears/eyes, are emaciated, pregnant, in need of special diets, and behavioral training. Rarely, do the adoption fees cover RHR’s actual costs incurred from these situations. All of the activities of RHR will be governed by or conducted under the control and supervision of the officers and board of directors of RHR. Who area the ‘hearts’ in Rottweiler Hearts Rescue, you ask? We are five experienced Rottweiler owners and rescuer. Not one of us will hesitate to step in when needed and do what we need to do to help a dog. All the directors are extremely familiar with Rottweilers and all the traits with which they come. We firmly believe in positive reinforcement. We know there are times when a foster will need assistance with one of RHR’s rotties. We are there for them. If we need to take the dog into one of our homes for more one-on-one training, we can do that as well. RHR knows that due to the amount of dogs that have been abandoned, we can’t save them all. This is why we’ve decided to choose quality over quantity. Would we like to have the ability to pull every rottie from every shelter? Absolutely! However, we know that’s not possible. What we mean when we say “quality over quantity” is that the Rottweilers brought into RHR will have the best chance of placement into their forever homes. Before a rottie is pulled from a shelter and placed into one of our pre-approved foster homes, we will take into consideration the dog’s age, attitude, temperament, and over-all health. Before a rottie will be brought into RHR, he/she will be temperament tested and fully evaluated by an experienced member (or members) of RHR, a dog trainer, or veterinarian. Rottweiler Hearts Rescue Rottweilers will be placed in pre-approved, screened, foster homes. Each foster must complete a foster application and sign a foster contract. We ask several things from our fosters including weekly updates, monthly pictures, and allowance of home visits no less than monthly by our Foster Coordinator. In addition, they are responsible for house and crate training, behavioral training, socializing, and loving the dog. The dog must attend at least one adoption event every two months. We have the “Foster Buddy” program where we match up a volunteer with each foster to help that foster as needed. This could be picking up the dog for a vet visit or taking the dog to an event if the foster is unable.

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