3118 Wessex St Orlando Fl 32803
3118 Wessex Street Orlando Florida 32803 US

SHA takes in senior Beagles and Bassets over hte age of 10, to give them a home in their later years. Most of our hounds come with medical issues or physical issues. Due to that, and age, most do not get adopted, although we are open to adoptions. We really consider our rescue to be more assisted living, and at times hospice for them. I fell in love with seniors after adopting one from Suncoast Basset Rescue back in 2000. Sunny is why I continue helping seniors. I saw how many get turned down at shelters and sometimes with other rescues. I personally know there are rescues out there that will not take a dog over 7 yrs old. I decided to do what I could for some senior hounds.

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