Van Nuys, Los Angeles, 90036, CA, United States
431 South Burnside Avenue Los Angeles California US

Who We Are

Smashface Rescue is celebrating it’s 26th year come Sept. 2014 since being founded. Originally a rescue/rehab center for Pit Bulls and Mastiffs, the facility also temperament tests all bully breeds, boards bullies for those individuals who have a hard time finding overnight care for their bullies and Mastiffs. The Facility is 100% BARK FREE, cage and kennel free (except for feeding and sleeping). We specialize in anger management for dogs, dog to dog aggression, dog to human aggression, dog to dog introductions, boundaries, and overall socialization for your bully.Founded by a 20 year specialist and expert in dog aggression, Pit Bulls, Mastiffs, and American Bulldogs. The subject of many shows and articles because of his unconventional, but extremely effective techniques. Obedience training is not part of what we teach here at The Bully Connection, but more of a real life maintenance program that allows for you to keep, and have control over your bully. Structure, consistency, and exercise are the principles of the program.
Come Visit Us

We show by APPOINTMENT ONLY”. We show seven days a week from 10am to 2pm, with special arrangements for showings after 2pm. Once an appointment is set via e-mail, the potential adopter calls the facility, founder, volunteer, coordinator, etc..upon arriving at the facility as not to knock on the door and stir up a barking frenzy with the larger dogs. Your personal and or pre-exsisting pets are welcome to visit to check compatibility, but we must be informed through e-mail so we can set up properly for visiting dogs.
All appointments and showings are set up and confirmed via e-mail. Missed appointments, no-shows, and late arrivals (45min) will not be shown the dog and or adopted to.

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