Emergency Hotline for Dog & Cat Rescues

Call : (888) 440-6467

Stormy Weather Animal Rescue (SWAR)

P.O. Box 2541 Englewood CO 80150 United States
P.O. Box 2541 Englewood Colorado 80150 US

SWAR is ?stormy weathers animal rescue??an all-breed animal rescue in Englewood Colorado. We are not an animal ?shelter? and do not have a building to house the animals, we use foster homes, where the animals stay while waiting for a home. SWAR, like most ?rescues?, help overwhelmed shelters that have no choice but to euthanize animals because of overcrowding.?SWAR takes these pets, and place them in a volunteer?s home, where they receive love, training, medical treatment and good food, in a home environment. With the care of great humans, the pet regains their confidence, heal their wounds, or just learn how to be a dog and trust humans again. ?They get to practice living and loving before they go to Their FURever home.

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