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Call : (888) 440-6467

The Chick With Pits

3389 Farm to Market Road 3211, Caddo Mills, TX 75135, USA
3389 FM 3211 Caddo Mills TX 75135

The Chick with Pits Inc. is a non-profit organization located in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) Metroplex and provides a no-kill animal rescue and pet sanctuary to a variety of animals. Our mission is to utilize our passion for animals and skills in the pet industry to provide an animal rescue and pet sanctuary for the many animals who deserve a chance to be loved unconditionally. We pursue this mission by providing the complete life-cycle of the adoption process- from rescue to adoption to continuing care- in a way that shows people the true joy and companionship gained from relationships with animals. We also want to use our position as “a voice for those who cannot speak on their own” to educate society legislators on responsible pet ownership. Additionally, the organization will aim to benefit the community through responsible pet-ownership education and volunteer opportunities.

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