Bartlesville OK 74004 United States

We Are A Boston Terrier And Bully Breed Rescue. After Spending Many Years Taking In Boston?s Off Of the streets, Or Saving Them From Puppy Mills And Other bad situations, Getting them the medical attention that they needed for their well-being and their survival, I decided I wanted to Do More. The Love An Animal Gives Is Priceless. Each and Every Animal Deserves the love and respect Of An Amazing Family. Canines Truly Are Man?s Best Friend. They Are Loyal And Love Unconditionally.. Our Mission Is to Help As Many Boston Terrier And Other Bully Breeds As We Possibly Can. Help them To Get Medical Attention they Need if they are Sick Or Injured So they Can Live Long And Happy Lives, Spay And A Neuter. Rehabilitate Those He need It. Show them Love and Affection, Help them Find Loving Forever Homes With Families Who Will Love And Cherish Them Forever.

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