P.O. Box 8 Red Lion PA 17356 United States
P.O. Box 8 Red Lion Pennsylvania 17356 US

The Last Dog Rescue is an allbreed rescue with a focus on hounds. Hounds are commonly mistreated, and not thought of as pets. They are typically forced to live outside and when they no longer hunt they are abandoned, killed or end up in a shelter where they typically are put down. They are the LAST dog out of the shelter (if at all). By the time they get to us they are sick, scared, and skinny. We spay/neuter/microchip and vaccinate them. We provide any vetting needed so that they can have a clean healthy new start. Our fosters provide vital love and care. The dogs learn to be a cherished pet rather than just a discarded tool. The hounds have also inspired us to take in some of the sickest dogs, these dogs have a lesser chance of being adopted due to illness or injury They too are vetted, fostered by the same caring wonderful fosters until they move on to a forever home.

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