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Dog lovers generally believe that only small sized dogs are best ‘fits’ for apartment living, but not so.   Many large dogs have lower activity levels and are absolutely joyful while lounging on the couch, in fact it’s a proven fact that Great Danes do very well living in small spaces. While choosing a dog be considerate of your neighbors as well.  You don’t want a dog that barks non-stop or is aggressive while meeting others in the elevator, the lobby, or the stairs.

Here are our Top 10 best choices for apartment, condo dwellers. Click below the photos to go to the individual rescue websites.

Bichon Frise– This small, medium-energy dog, is intelligent, not territorial and known for their friendly dispositions.  Hypo-Allergenic, minimal shedding is a bonus with this sweet breed.

Picture Courtesy- Delaware Valley Bichon Rescue.

Chihuahua– This low-energy dog makes a great companion. Chihuahuas are cuddly, lively, charming, and intelligent.  Dress them up in fashionable warm coats if you live in cold weather climate areas of the country.

Havanese– Quickly gaining popularity this clever, playful, low-shedding breed has all the characteristics dog lovers are looking for, except maybe top ‘guard dog’ abilities. The Havanese is not prone to excessive barking but has a lot of energy, requiring long walks and runs.

Picture Courtesy- Havanese Rescue

Maltese– The Maltese is a super popular breed because of their intelligence, fun-loving, calmness and quiet disposition.  They adapt well to almost every kind of lifestyle.   Tagged as Hypo-allergenic this low shedding sweetie pie is a winner all the way around.

Papillion– The Papillion, with its ‘butterfly’ ears is known for being ‘cat friendly, intelligent, playful, affectionate, gentle, patient and proud characteristics. It is a great lap dog as it is not a ‘high energy’ breed.

Pekingese – Despite its small size, the Pekingese is independent, very proud and courageous.  He is a big dog in a small dog’s body. The ‘Peke’ will be a loyal family member but takes time to warm up to children and stranger.

Pomeranian – Despite being a shedder, the Pomeranian generally has an independent nature, is very proud intelligent, loyalty and alert.  A great watchdog 24/7   It can get along with other dogs, if introduced properly but generally is a ‘one person’ dog.

Picture Courtesy- Pom to the Rescue

Poodles, Toy & Miniature – The Poodle known for being the most intelligent of all breeds is also a low shedder, agile, athletic, friendly, loyal, a great guard dog and makes a great family dog. Adapts to every kind of lifestyle, people, kids and other pets.

Picture Courtesy- Poodle Rescue of New England

Shih Tzu – A Low shedder, the Shih Tzu is gentle, loyal, friendly, fairly easy to train, courageous, and playful. It makes a great watchdog and is good with other pets. Short walks around the block, is a great way to keep them fit. They love to play games and can be kept inside for activities.

Yorkshire Terrier – The Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most intelligent of the breeds. This breed is versatile, loves to be involved, is active, a low shedder, energetic, affectionate, brave, and loyal. They make excellent watchdogs, are good with children, and are sweet toy dogs.

Picture Courtesy- Save a Yorkie Rescue

Did you know that you can also adopt Great Danes and English Bulldogs as apartment pets? English Bulldogs are like couch potatoes with a ; it is a ‘thick’ heavy built breed that waddles and doesn’t like to move much, hence loves apartment/condo lifestyles.

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